Professional Personal Robots

F&P Robotics is a pioneer in the field of human-robot interaction. Our aim is to create new opportunities in form of assistive robots for humans. We offer professional personal robots and state-of-the-art technology created for working together with humans and assisting people in their daily lives.


Our Products

P-Rob 3 - lightweight and soft covered collaborative robotic arm for a variety of tasks and industries
Lio - professional personal robot designed to assist, support and entertain people
Barney - attractive, complete and stand-alone solution of a robotic bar

Lio Supports Elderly People in Schaffhausen
The elderly care home Emmersberg believes that it is possible to relieve the healthcare staff by using modern technologies and robotics.

“Globi and the Robots”
In his new book “Globi and the Robots” Lio has a small but very important appearance. In his new book, Globi takes young and old on a journey through the world of robotics and digitalisation.
Lio at SRF Age Tech
Robotics for Quarantine
Lio – the assistant robot supporting people during the times of coronavirus pandemic. F&P Robotics and other companies were featured in Swiss national television reportage on the topic of COVID-19.

More News

Workshop autonomous personal robots in action
New Workshop
Learn more about personal robotics – join the workshop “Autonomous Personal Robots in Action” at F&P Robotics office. The event will take place on 15th of October, 2020.
Open House event at F&P Robotics
Open House
Visit F&P Robotics, meet Lio, the Personal Assistant Robot and learn more about possibilities and limits of assistance robots in nursing and care.

F&P Robotics presenting professional personal robots at Automatica 2020 exhibition
Automatica 2020
Save the date: 8-11th of December in Munich and visit us at the only event worldwide that brings all visionary key technologies together in one place.

Lio in Wirtscharfts Zeit
FH Vorarlberg Continues to Develop Assistant Robots for Care
Can an assistant robot do routine work so that committed nurses have more time for residents? This and other questions are analysed in the article by Wirtschafts Zeit.
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Lio in Elderly Care Home Caritas, Konstanz
Lio in Elderly Care Home
Assistance robot Lio has been working for the PUR-Project at the Caritas elderly care home St. Marienhaus in Constance. 97 years old inhabitant Maria finds Lio wonderful – “So pretty that you can fall inlove”, she says.
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F&P Robotics mentioned in NZZ magazine
F&P Robotics Mentioned in NZZ
The Newspaper “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” is one of the most famous ones in Zurich. They mentioned F&P Robotics as a promising Swiss Startup in robotics.



F&P Robotics provides all-in-one robotic solutions leveraging expertise in arm and effector technologies as well as artificial intelligence. The cutting edge software platform myP powers safe robot arms and sensor-equipped grippers. The combination of software and hardware capabilities enables great flexibility and costumer-specific solutions.