Information about our Managing Director Dr. Hansruedi Früh

Dear customers, suppliers, friends and acquaintances of F&P Robotics

It is difficult for us, but we have to inform about a sad loss.

Our founder and CEO Dr. Hansruedi Früh passed away in February 2021 after a short illness. At the age of only 64, Hansruedi passed away too soon. With him we have lost a human and courageous visionary who will be greatly missed by his family, his environment and the company he founded.

The company F&P Robotics, which is named after him with “Früh und Partner”, was much more than just a job for him. He was always convinced that robotics can and should help to assist us humans and make life easier. Growing up on a Swiss farm, he found his way to the natural sciences via a commercial apprenticeship and the adult baccalaureate. Already during his dissertation in the field of neurobiology, he was fascinated by the idea of breathing intelligence into robots through the use of neuronal networks.

During his time as a postdoc at the AI Lab of the University of Zurich and his further entrepreneurial career, he put his visions into practice. He evolved into a world-leading expert and entrepreneur in the field of intelligent and human-centric robotics. We are very proud to have walked this path with him.

The F&P team, the Board of Directors and the shareholders would like to thank Hansruedi for everything and will continue to lead the company in his spirit with full commitment. His son Michael has taken over the position of CEO as his previous deputy. Together with a professionalized management team, he will lead the company into the next growth phase.

We thank you all very much for your support and understanding.

F&P Robotics AG