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F&P Robotics technology includes everything required for the intelligent and comprehensive control of a mobile, adaptive robot that interacts with humans. Researchers have the opportunity to develop their own software solution besides the provided myP® software solution. F&P Robotics provides the modules MCM as well as the direct and inverse kinematics as C++ modules. They are available directly or encapsulated in a Python project and allow the highest performance. The combination with all modules that are available via TCP or the ROS interface allows the design of research projects that use position control, velocity or force control, multiple cameras, advanced sensors, complex algorithms, and learning methods.

Lio for Reasearch and Development

For young talents and teachers, robotics training with F&P Robotics equipment and software packages is a pleasure. P-Rob and its products are just as exciting as the young F&P Robotics team. There is the possibility to use the myP® software platform directly on the Internet browser of any laptop, without any installations. This enables to start immediately with the creation of scripts and the teach-in of the collaborative robot. Creating programs without adding a line, without even having to use a computer, is possible via the control ring below the gripper.


The scripting language is both simple and powerful: each command can be selected from a list, with arguments being self-explanatory. At the same time, the Python-based critic language in advanced lessons allows to realize any idea of an intelligent program. Scripts can also be run in parallel in different processes, all of which is neatly managed by the software. The included programming examples and the already integrated sensors in the fingers of the robot make it easy to get started. All functions of the robot are described in detail and each script function is additionally explained by an example.

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myp for research and development

The number of mobile robots used in services is rising. F&P Robotics devices are promising products for this: a slim mobile unit combined with a soft padded arm that can perform precise tasks intelligently. SLAM algorithms and options for different cameras and advanced sensors are available. The platform and arm can be programmed using the same web-based scripting and teach-in software. Modules for decision making and interfaces to various environments are available.

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Whether for applications in the Cartesian coordinate system or sensor-based localization of objects or persons: P-Rob can act with high precision in both cases. Direct and inverse kinematics, direct control of linear axes, integration of Cognex cameras for recognition and localization are directly available.
The P-Rob 3 – 24V with the standard gripper is an inherently safe device that can be used without safety barriers as long as the objects being handled are safe. The P-Rob 3 – 48V variant has twice the maximum speed and requires a risk analysis for every industrial application, for which F&P Robotics supports you.

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Recent Publications

Lio Research Paper Published on IEEE RA-L and IROS 2020

Lio-A Personal Robot Assistant for Human-Robot Interaction and Care Applications

The research paper “Lio – A Personal Robot Assistant for Human-Robot Interaction and Care Applications” was accepted for two major IEEE publications. The first one is already published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L). Also, this paper will be presented at IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in October 2020.
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