Collaborative Industrial Robotics

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Personal Service Robotics

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P-Rob® for Intuitive & Safe Collaboration

F&P Personal Robotics, headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), is a pioneer in the field of human-robot interactions. We develop and build the most accepted collaborative robots for industrial and personal service applications. Swiss made.

Upcoming Events

WRC 2016 (October 21-25)
World Robot Conference in Beijing, China.
F&P will exhibit its collaborative and personal service robots


Electronica (November 8-11)
P-Rob is demonstrated at Maxon booth No. 500, Hall A2


SPS/IPC/Drives (November 8-11)
P-Rob is demonstrated at Maxon booth No. 100, Hall 1


VDI Symposium “Assisting Robots in Production 2016” ( December 13-14)
F&P CEO H.R. Früh gives a talk on “Context Management for Assisting Robots”


P-Rob Technology


F&P provides all-in-one robotic solutions leveraging expertise in arm and effector technologies as well as artificial intelligence. The cutting edge software platform myP powers our safe robot arms and sensor-equipped grippers. The combination of software and hardware capabilities enables great flexibility and costumer-specific solutions.



F&P at the Cybathlon


Over the past weekend, P-Rob has exhibited at the world’s first Cybathlon competition in Kloten, Switzerland. Athletes with different disabilities competed in various disciplines using the latest assistive technologies. At the accompanying exhibition, P-Rob performed actions in order to assist people with a physical disability. Even tasks that are considered to be very simple are often difficult to accomplish for people with physical impairments. A personal robot like P-Rob can provide very valuable support.

It was a great honor for F&P to be part of such an important event in assistive technologies.

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Release Notes myP 1.2.2


The new myP version 1.2.2 has been released in Sept 2016. Next to improvements in existing functions it provides now a panel, which means a separate browser window for each project. It can be used by a touch screen and only contains functions and progress indication for a specific applications. Images and other contents make is appearance and convenient.

3. VDI symposium “Assistant Manipulators in Production 2016”


December 13 and 14, the 3. VDI symposium about “Assistant Manipulators in Production” will take place in Aschheim Munich. There will be a lot of interesting recitations and topics like which safety precaution are required in collaborative robotics and new solutions in human-robot-cooperation will be discussed. December 14 at 09:00 a.m. The founder and director of F&P, Dr. Hansruedi Früh, will give a lecture on “Context Management for Assisting Manipulators”

3. VDI symposium program



F&P Robotics exhibited at SINDEX, the Swiss technology exhibition in Bern last 6 to 8 September 2016.

At the own booth, 3 applications were showcased: A P-Rob demonstrated its advanced artificial intelligence managing a production line consisting of 3 processes, where myP based on neuronal networks constantly optimized process tasks. At the same time, P-Rob assisted an operator, who manufactured giveaway’s for the visitors. Continue reading