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Barney Bar serving drinks in Meilen, Zurich

Barney Bar is serving your favourite cocktails at Löwen Meilen at the shore of lake Zurich. Until December 13. Barney is mixing drinks from 6-9pm on Monday to Saturday and 2-7pm on Sundays. Come by for a drink. Barney will surely have a good joke on hand while he prepares your drink.

Ottomate News: The Barney Robot Will Serve You Drinks at Night (and Coffee the Next Morning)

‘Even the nicest bartender in the world wants nothing to do with you after closing time. After serving you mai tais all night, they wont be there the next morning with a hot cup of coffee to help get you back to life.

Barney the robot would be, however.’ The leading guide to food robotics and automation, Ottomate News, only has praise for Barney! Also don’t miss Ottomate News’ robotic bar guide with Barney Bar and Barney Barista.

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