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Case Introduction

The partnership between Idiap and F&P Robotics is pioneering the integration of advanced conversational AI into Lio, an assistive healthcare robot, through two innovative projects. The LioGPT project leverages large language models for natural voice interactions, aiming to significantly improve patient engagement through nuanced dialogues tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Simultaneously, the initiative inspired by the study “Synergizing Natural Language Towards Enhanced Shared Autonomy,” concentrates on enhancing Lio’s ability to interpret verbal commands for movement adjustments. This project aims to enable users, particularly those with mobility challenges, to navigate Lio more intuitively. Our ultimate goal is to develop Lio into an accessible and responsive companion across diverse healthcare settings.

These projects reflect a holistic approach to integrating AI in healthcare robotics, focusing not only on improving the robot’s interaction capabilities but also on its physical operational efficiency. By developing a language model that effectively understands and acts on complex instructions, Idiap is transforming Lio into a more effective tool for supporting people at home.

This collaboration’s progress has been made possible through initial funding from the Loterie Romande for the purchase of Lio in 2023 and future funding from Idiap for the developments, and subsequent support from Innocheque in 2024 for the LioGPT project. Together, these efforts are set to advance the role of assistive robots in healthcare, promising enhanced care quality and patient experience through innovative technological integration.


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