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Conversational AI in Lio

The partnership between Idiap and F&P Robotics is pioneering the integration of advanced conversational AI into Lio, an assistive healthcare robot, through two innovative projects. The LioGPT project leverages large language models for natural voice interactions, aiming to significantly improve patient engagement through nuanced dialogues tailored to individual needs and preferences.

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Webinar – Bridge R&D and Healthcare

Webinar - Bridge R&D and Healthcare

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the pronounced workforce shortages in healthcare became glaringly apparent to the public. In response, it is increasingly clear that mobile robots are emerging as indispensable tools in the future. However, what exactly are these applications to tackle healthcare challenges? Moreover, beyond workforce shortages, what are the key challenges faced by healthcare facilities today? How can your research initiatives translate into valuable applications and solutions for real-world healthcare issues?

Join us and our guest speakers from Swiss healthcare institution @Zihlschlacht and top research institutions @IDIAP as we showcase how mobile robots can guide R&D professionals in addressing real-world healthcare challenges. Discover the powerful synergy between Research & Development and the Healthcare industry in this engaging webinar.

Time: 15:00 – 16:00 pm, November 23 (Thursday), 2023

Just taking 10s to register via the link below, don’t miss this chance to shape the future of healthcare together. We will update you with the webinar participation link three days before the webinar.


SocietyByte: How Lio, the Swiss assistive robot, supports care staff

SocietyByte Science magazine of the Bern University of Applied Sciences
Robots can take over repetitive and monotonous tasks in the care of sick and elderly people and thus relieve the nursing staff. A Zurich-based company has developed the mobile assistant Lio. In an interview, CEO and company co-founder Michael Früh describes what Lio can already do, what it will be able to do in the future and why it cannot replace humans.
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F&P Robotics and Ostertag DeTeWe sign partnership agreement

02. Februar 2022

The Swiss high-tech robotics company F&P Robotics and the leading German ITC system house Ostertag DeTeWe signed a partnership agreement today: the Lio assistance robot will be marketed and distributed by Ostertag DeTeWe in Germany with immediate effect. The “spirit” of the cooperation agreement also implies a far-reaching technology partnership. The in-house development team at Ostertag DeTeWe helps to ensure that Lio’s range of tasks is constantly being developed and new fields of application can be added.

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