Founding history

Founding history

The company F&P Robotics AG, which offers personal robots to assist people, was founded in 2014 by Dr. Hansruedi Früh. As a courageous visionary, he set himself the goal of developing robots that can assist people and make their lives easier. Hansruedi found his way to robotics through his dissertation in the field of neurobiology: He was fascinated by the idea of infusing intelligence into robots with the help of neuronal networks.

During his time as a postdoc at the AI Lab of the University of Zurich and his further entrepreneurial career, he put his visions into practice. He emerged as a world-leading expert and entrepreneur in the field of intelligent and human-centric robotics.

As Chairman of the Board and CEO of F&P Robotics, Hansruedi never lost sight of the big picture. Every day he contributed to the development of the company with his great ideas and his strength in implementation. Unachievable things did not exist for him and so he always pushed his employees to make the seemingly impossible, possible. With his always positive manner, he inspired people from the most diverse circles: The shareholders, his employees, Hansruedi’s family and friends appreciated his visionary personality.

We are still very sad that Hansruedi passed away in February 2021 after a short illness at the age of just 64.

He may not have gone where he intended to go, but most probably he has ended up where he needed to be.