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Future oriented high tech company F&P Robotics


F&P Robotics personal robots serve and assist people to improve their quality of life



Board of Directors
Ueli Dietiker, Chairman
Michael Früh, Vice-Chairman
Dr. Omar Al-Mubarak, Member
Steve Kemei He, Member
Linden Shongua Lin, Member
Fang Zheng, Member
Advisory Board
Prof. Melinda Lohmann, HSG Professor for Information and Robotics Law
Dr. Holger Auerbach, Health Care Expert
Dr. Reto Müller, Professional entrepreneur with experience in innovation, business and product development
Dr. Hans-Jörg Hunziker, Entrepreneur, Business Developer
Peter Engel, Robotics Expert
Nicolas Oltramare, Entrepreneur, Finance Expert
Bernhard Merki, Expert in Industry Sector
Anja Reznik, Corporate Finance Expert
Dr. René Lenggenhager, International Business Expert in Lab Automation
Dr. Gery Colombo, Expert in Rehabilitation Technology

Michael Früh, CEO

Lukas Wirth, CTO

Charles de Castelbajac, Head of Operations

Fabian Studach, CFO

Dr. Gery Colombo, CSO

Sarina Xinyi Liu, COO F&P Robotics China

Assistant to the Board
Sales & Marketing

Dr. Gery Colombo, Chief Sales Officer

Dominique Schneider, Business Development Manager Hospitality Robotics

Pietro Caroni, Business Development Manager Care Robotics

Robin Scherrer, Business Development Manager Industrial Robotics

Florian Hertel, Business Development Manager Care Robotics

Jan Hiersemenzel, Head of Marketing
Logistics/ Order Management

Charles de Castelbajac
Shared Services
Administration / Accounting

• Sanja Dimitrova

Human Resources

• Sanja Dimitrova


• Fabian Studach

Quality and Process Management

• Paula Martin


• Natálie Martináková
• Evangeline Haltiner


• Charles de Castelbajac
• Sanja Dimitrova

IT & Business applications

• Christoph Müri


• Rico Kreis
• Andre Morgado
• Alina Wallbaum
• Pascal Müller


• Dr. Hayato Omori
• Abdelrahman Shalaby
• Kevin Bürgi


• Kurt Achermann


• Lukas Wirth
• Christoph Müri
• Frederik Zwilling
• Lucas Eicher
• Patricia Duchamp
• Raphael Meyer
• Robin Scherrer
• Robert Seidl
• Stéphane Luginbühl
• Jonas Enke
• Chenchen Liu
• Zhongwen Lu


• Luca Szoboszlay

P-Rob/myP Product Management

• Lukas Wirth

P-Rob Services

• Christoph Gut

Competence Center Lio Market
Product Management

• Michael Früh


• Alina Gasser


• Frederik Zwilling
• Patricia Duchamp
• Lazar Peric

Competence Center Barney Market
Product Management

• Dr. Hayato Omori


• Abdelrahman Shalaby

• Michel Menger
• Fynn Fischer
F&P Robotics China



The start of the new decade 2020 has proven to be much more challenging than expected. The emerging Covid-19 virus, which seemed so far away, made it very difficult for us to maintain personal contact with many of our partners and customers working in the healthcare sector.


But the special circumstance led us to offer new helpful features. As a robot, our assistance robot Lio does not expose itself to danger and can help people reduce their risk of infection through transport and disinfection tasks. The new transport function and UV-C disinfection of door handles were already implemented in 2020 and help to increase safety in nursing and retirement centers as well as clinics.
More about Lio
Likewise, F&P was able to launch series production of the Lio assistance robot in 2020. The step towards production readiness has been successfully taken and Lio is being manufactured and tested in standardized production steps. Comprehensive, stringent individual component testing, standardized workflows and regular quality checks ensure that Lio can perform its functions correctly when in use.

More about Care robotics


In January, 2019 F&P Robotics celebrated its fifth anniversary. On this special occasion, shareholders, customers and partners were invited to Glattbrugg to celebrate the anniversary together. Eight F&P robots took part in the service and entertainment part of the celebration. The event demonstrated the potential of the intelligent and human-friendly F&P robots.
In October, 2019 released P-Rob Version 3 to R&D and Projects customer segment.
More about P-Rob 3
In December, 2019 Baronics AG was founded as a subsidiary in Zurich to serve the gastronomy market.
More about Baronics


In August, 2018 subsidiary in Shanghai, China was founded to serve the largest global robotics market.
More about F&P Robotics China


In October, 2017 F&P Robotics presented the product “Lio” – the professional personal robot for service and support.

In December, 2017 due to the growth of F&P Robotics the expansion of the production facilities to the new building took place.
More about Lio


In January, 2016 F&P Robotics released collaborative robot P-Rob Version 2 to industry and research (e.g. Google, VW).
More about Collaborative Robotics


In January, 2014 the new corporation F&P Robotics AG was founded.
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In Media

The BL Verlag is one of the leading Swiss providers of specialist knowledge. They published an article about our specially designed gripper enabling to carr out a wide variety of assembly operations.

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The Newspaper “Tagesanzeiger” is one of the most famous ones in Switzerland. They published an article about Lio and its use in nursing homes.

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F&P was celebrating the Five Year Anniversary. In the regional Newspaper “Zürcher Unterländer” an Article about the Celebration was published.

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In the german magazine “Robotik und Produktion” an article about Lio was published. The author, Mr. Fritz, met us at Automatica exhibition and decided to write an article on Lio.

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Lio was presented to a wide range of audience from the healthcare sector in Constance. In the regional newspaper “Südkurier” a report about our performance in Constance was published.

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F&P for the first time presented the new Robot for Healthcare-applications at REHACARE, the german exhibition for rehabilitation. An article on F&Ps new Product was published on Pressebox.

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On the platform “Pressebox” an article about F&P’s presence at Hannovermesse was published.

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The swiss newspaper “südostschweiz” reports about one of the newest customer-projects of F&P where P-Rob is used for a therapeutic impulse generation procedure.

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The german magazine “lernen & lehren” published an edition concerning Robotics. The article about collaborative robotics broadly refers to P-Rob.

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Switzerland Global Enterprise published an article concerning the successful establishment of F&P on the German market.
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F&P Participated in the “Design Night” organized by Autodesk.

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New Product – P-Rob 2 Second Generation of the Collaborative Robot

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3D printers simplify innovations for Swiss SMEs
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Why Co-Bots Will Be a Huge Innovation and Growth Driver for Robotics Industry
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If you forget to turn the sausages while grilling for the beer, you may be able to leave the work to a robot one day. However, that luxury would have its price.
20 Minuten

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The robot that roasts sausages: As a bachelor’s thesis, four students at the ZHAW developed a robot that can roast sausages. However, it is unlikely that this robotic grill master will soon replace the chef.
Der Landbote

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P as personal – The collaborative lightweight robot P-Rob 2 is designed for both industrial and personal service applications.

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A personal robot at your disposal – P-Rob 2 is completely safe for human-robot interaction

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