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Barney Bar

Barney is a new, complete and easy solution of a robotic bar, which enables almost every hotel, restaurant or bar owner to install this compact solution generated attractive customer flows. From the easy to use customer interface, through the simple payment system to the beautiful movements whilst preparing the drink, all is offered in this bar. Barney can be integrated into existing hospitality environments and can also work hand in hand with human barkeepers if needed.

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The Barney Bar now serves drinks in Oman

Barney Bar in Oman

Our Robot Bar Barney has been serving soft drinks and juices at Oman’s most visited mall center since the end of December. The bar was implemented in Al-Araimi Boulevard mall in the Capital of Muscat. The Boulevard is located in the up and coming Al Khoud area of Muscat, a stunning destination that allows one to explore new vistas of entertainment in the Sultanate.
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