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Collaborative Robotics - Personal robots for industrial applications and custom solutions

Personalized Industrial Solutions

Customer-Specific Solutions

The F&P Robotics Team provides the possibility to adapt the products and designs according to the wishes and needs of the customer. Furthermore, F&P Robotics conducts feasibility studies for customer projects.

Training and Support

F&P Robotics together with local partners offer training sessions and support adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

Service and Warranty

After the regular or extended warranty period we offer preventive maintenance service contracts that take care of your service needs and will significantly prolong the life of your investment.


Food Packaging

Automation of the packaging  process of yoghurt glasses guaranteeing intrinsic protection for employees and higher levels of productivity, while fulfilling the pureness requirements of the food industry.

Bottling of Liquids

In the fully automated process P-Rob 3 is installed on a linear axis and fills liquids in bottles, closes the bottle cap, pins the tag and places the bottles back in the storage. This allows an enormous reduction of cycle times.

Food Handling

With his sensitivity and the reduced forces P-Rob 3 is the ideal robot for applications in the area of food handling. The integrated sensors and camera module allow to grasp even very fragile and soft objects.

Food Preparation

P-Rob 3 is ideally suited for preparing meals in restaurants and canteens. His position repeatability of 0.1 mm and payload of 3 kg allow a very accurate working. The soft cover protects coworkers as well as the robot itself.


P-Rob 3 – Collaborative Robotic Arm

Designed to collaborate with humans in industrial environments P-Rob 3 is ideal for personalized industrial solutions.

Unique feature of P-Rob 3 is full surface coverage with padded soft artificial leather material. Combined with collision detection algorithms it makes P-Rob 3 a great choice for human-robot interaction tasks and other collision-critical applications.

More About P-Rob 3

Projects and Customers

Bottling of Suspension

For efficiency reasons a bottling process was to be automated where bottles in different sizes needed to be filled. Therefore, P-Rob was installed on a linear axis. Since diamond slurries are very sophisticated and expensive fluids, accuracy in the production process is very important. P-Rob guarantees very high-quality processing of the products.

Packaging of Bio-Dairy Products

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The task was the automation of the packaging process of yoghurt glasses guaranteeing intrinsic protection for employees and higher levels of productivity, while fulfilling the pureness requirements of the food industry.
The engineering process had to foresee a mobile solution (linear axis) combined with a complex and high frequency manipulation.

Testing Electronic Circuit Boards

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The task was the automation of the time sensitive electrical testing of automotive electronic circuit boards. This requires pick & place of the boards, sorting them according to the test result as well as opening and closing of the cover. The electrical testing process has been automated implementing a 5-axis collaborative robot P-Rob®.

Blister Thickness Measurement

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The task was to automate the measuring of the thickness of thin, transparent blisters by a collaborative robot. The implemented product is a P-Rob® 1R equipped with a magnetic measuring stick, mounted to the gripper flange of the robot.