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Symposium for Hospitality and Facility Services

On 9th and 10th of May 2019 Symposium for hospitality and facility services organized by Inselspital Bern took place. One focus topic was the technological development and digitalization that could assist in meeting the needs in the hospitality sector. Since F&P Robotics is a pioneer in the use of robots in hospitality and care, we were asked to give a speech and present Lio at the symposium.

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Collaborative Robots Buyer’s Guide

Robotiq offers flexible, plug & play collaborative robot tools. The company released a buyer’s guide on collaborative Robots which contains a review of 34 popular and emerging collaborative robots with their key features, their targeted applications and the main specifications. P-Rob received a 5-star-rating for it’s ease of programming which is one of the key-evaluation-criteria of the review.
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