Care Robotics


Robotic Solutions for Care Institutions

Delivery Services and Guidance

Distribute items within a station, ward or floor and accompany people in the institution.
– Reduce waiting time to distribute items
– Avoid mistakes and offer support to personnel
– Increase independence of residents and patients
– Release personnel from repetitive task (up to 4h per day)

Activation and Wellbeing

Bringing health and fun to residents and patients through active interaction, mental and physical exercises and individual entertainment.
– Use free time efficiently to increase cognitive & physical health
– Residents & patients feel entertained by a friendly companion
– People enjoying to receive attention feel more valued
– Increase independence of residents and patients
– Reduce workload for personnel (up to 2h per day)

Beverage Distribution and Reminding of Activities

Regular and autonomous reminding of activities and appointments, beverage distribution and consumption recording.
– Avoid dehydration
– Engage and motivate to be active
– Increase independence of residents and patients
– Reduce waiting times
– Release personnel from repetitive task (up to 3h per day)

Health and Safety

Patrol service during nighttime to recognize unusual activitiy and health related suggestions.
– Increase wellbeing of residents and patients
– Recognition of dangerous situations and alert of personnel
– Recognize atypical activities
– Lower risk of accidents
– Reduce workload for personnel (up to 4h per day)

Please note: The functions can be adapted to your individual needs.

Care Applications


Lio is a human-friendly mobile robot designed to help and support people.


Lio can be used in a variety of places – nursing homes, rehabilitation and geriatric centers and at home. He is able to communicate with people, entertain them and support healthcare professionals in their daily tasks.
More About Lio


Massimo is a robot for force controlled massage applications.


The program of the massage robot can be adapted to your specific needs. Massimo can be used in a variety of places – nursing, geriatric, rehabilitation centers or at home.


Guido is a robot for guided mobilization used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


Guido helps to improve and preserve physical mobility. Resistance and force-control functions allow Guido to adapt the program in order to fulfill specific needs.


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Project About the Implementation of Service Robotics in the Field of Elderly Care

F&P Robotics are excited to create new business models in a 2 years project about the implementation of service robotics in the field of elderly care. Looking forward to a great collaboration with Fachhochschule Graubünden, FHS St. Gallen, Universität St. Gallen, NTB Hochschule für Technik and Genossenschaft Wohnen im Alter (Haus Viva).

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Campaign about “Diakonie and Robotics”

The “Association of Diaconal Employers in Germany” is the nationally active business association of Protestant institutions offering the entire spectrum of social services. It represents the interests of more than 180 diaconal carriers and mechanisms as well as five regional federations with approximately 400,000 persons employed. They published a campaign about “Diakonie and robotics – a contrast or not?”

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Cluster Conference Berlin

On September 17th 2019 Alina Gasser from F&P Robotics and Claudia Möller had a speech at Cluster conference in Berlin. The topic was our current project in Pflegepraxiszentrum Berlin, where we are currently testing our assistive care robot Lio. The highlights are that Lio is the only long-term project in a European care institutions so far, as they are convinced about our participatory development and user centered design. They rented Lio as a first step to test the collaboration with the clients and employees.