Lio – Professional Personal Robot

Lio – Your Personal Robot

Lio is a friendly mobile robot with a multifunctional arm. He is able to communicate with people, entertain them and support professionals in their daily tasks. Lio can be used in a variety of places – nursing and geriatric institutions, rehabilitation centers or at home.

State-of-the-art technologies are used in such a way that Lio is helpful as well as liked and accepted by people. He is easy to use and can be connected to various other devices.


Recognizing and greeting people, identifying objects

Showing active tasks and duties

Autonomous navigation, driving and charging

Autonomous grasping and transportation of items

Interaction by touch and voice (English, German)

Numerous entertainment functions

Lio loves to learn! Our development team is happy to teach him the skills that enables Lio to solve institution-specific problems.


Additional Services

Experience Day

Visit F&P Robotics headquarters in Zurich and learn more about the capabilities of existing robots, the opportunities and challenges of robotic applications in care. On top of that, meet experts and project managers from F&P Robotics who will report and answer questions from currently running projects.

F&P Academy

Invite F&P experts to visit your institution and advice about care robotics taking your specific needs into account. Our experience can help you to identify the opportunities in care robotics. Additionally, we offer consulting for your projects to achieve best results in development of future technology.


Do you plan the event about opportunities and challenges in care industry? Do you want to learn more about the current functionalities and limitations of care robots? We are happy to share our experiences in care robotics. The focus and content of the presentation can be adjusted according to the topic.

Sharing of the Experience

F&P Robotics is a leading expert in care robotics. As one of the first companies worldwide, we have built up practical knowledge and experience regarding the use of robots in care institutions.

We are happy to share this knowledge via experience days at our office, consulting at your care institution or speeches at events and trade shows.

Customer Service

Having a robot in the house might be a new experience for you, your team and your residents. F&P Robotics provides close support and service to make this experience a very positive one.
F&P Robotics offer:
– Staff and residents information and training
– Evaluations and user experience reports
– Data protection templates
– Financing options
– Installation and customization
– Technical support and service

Do you have any questions? Would you like to get more information about Lio?

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