Robots in Care – a Team Member with 16 Hours Working Day

Robots in care are becoming more needed every day. Personal assistant robot Lio is here to assist healthcare professionals. Interview with Prof. Oliver Bendel and Michael Früh about challenges and solutions in healthcare robotics published in med Ambiente magazine.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel published open access book “Care robot” has been since its appearance At the end of 2018 about 222,000 times completely or downloaded chapter by chapter. This shows the enormous interest in topics of Digitization in healthcare and in of care.

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Matthias Erler from medAmbiente asked co-author Michael Früh from F&P Robotics and Prof. Bendel from the Institute for Business informatics at the university of applied sciences Northwestern Switzerland on current issues and the state of affairs.


Lio’s Functions

  • Distributing drinks across the facility
  • Encouraging people to exercise
  • Providing information and reminders (upcoming activities, weather)
  • People’s entertainment (playing music, telling stories)
  • More functions in planning, e.g. night support

The functions can be activated and deactivated as required. For example, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, shaking hands is deactivated to minimize health risks.
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