Article in Südkurier: Disinfection? The robot will help you out!

Lio is the care robot in the Marienhaus elderly care home. The new team member learns quickly – for example, how to disinfect doors.

Disinfection of door handles

The new function of the Personal Assistant robot Lio is the disinfection of door handles with UVC light.

The disinfection of the door handles keeps the hygiene level high and prevents the spread of infectious diseases. It’s very important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lio is equipped with a custom-designed tool that he holds on his back. The robot disinfects the door handles in the healthcare facility.

The assistant robot supports the health workers by carrying out the disinfection at night. It can disinfect up to 30 doors per shift.

With the newest feature, health workers can focus on more important tasks.

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lio in Konstanz

Lio in Caritas St. Marienhaus, Konstanz

The professional personal assisting robot Lio is important part of the Caritas St. Marienhaus in Constance since January 2020.

The main goal of the Caritas St. Marienhaus is to relieve staff of a high workload so that there is more time for interpersonal relationships. The facility is confident that the use of modern technologies and robotics can reduce the number of simple routine tasks for staff. This is where the Lio care assistant robot comes into play.

Lio in Caritas Konstanz

Lio’s Functions

  • Distributing drinks across the facility
  • Encouraging people to exercise
  • Providing information and reminders (upcoming activities, weather)
  • People’s entertainment (playing music, telling stories)
  • More functions in planning, e.g. night support

The functions can be activated and deactivated as required. For example, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, shaking hands is deactivated to minimize health risks.
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