Lio for the First Time at a Tetraplegic’s Home

The Lio assistant robot is used for the first time by a paraplegic at home. The test is supported by ParaHelp, a subsidiary of the Paraplegic Foundation – so that Lio can become real help for people with spinal cord injury.

Lio’s Functions

  • Remote control for daily features (e.g. undressing jacket, socks)
  • Help in drinking: grasping, opening and handing over bottle
    • People’s entertainment
      • Playing music
      • Telling stories
    • Providing information and reminders
      • Of upcoming activities
      • Weather forecast

    The functions of Lio can be activated and deactivated as required.
    More About Lio

    Lio grabs the bottle from the kitchen table and curves into the living room. “Drinking enough water is important,” he says from his loudspeaker. He unscrews the lid and hands the drink to Stefanie Fischer.

    The 26-year-old quadriplegic controls the assistant robot on her smartphone for two weeks. The test of the manufacturer F&P Robotics takes place in cooperation with ParaHelp. “It is the first time that Lio is used in a private environment,” explains ParaHelp managing director Nadja Münzel. “We want to find out how a robot can support physically disabled people at home; which needs can be covered and where further developments are needed so that Lio can help those affected. »

    Text: Martin Steiner

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