User Experience of Assistance Robots for Elderly People

In the freshly published book “Human-Robot Collaboration” by Springer Verlag, F&P Robotics publishes the latest findings on the Lio assistance robot in one of the articles.

Reservations regarding the use of robotics in the care sector are still widespread. F&P Robotics is convinced that a sensible design of the cooperation between humans and robots will relieve the strain on the specialist staff and improve the quality of life for the people being cared for. This article describes the experience in the development, testing and commercialisation of assistance robots from the perspective of F&P Robotics AG.

F&P Robotics is currently testing the use of assistant robots in a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland and an old age center in Germany. In the first part of the article, security aspects and standards as well as data protection regulations are discussed. In the second part, current use cases and their benefits are explained, as well as the previously clarified ethical questions. The results of the first evaluations of human-robot interaction are also presented in the second part.

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