Printed Pressure Sensors: Industrial Case Studies

Together with CSEM partners F&P Robotics developed novel printed pressure sensors for the robotic fingers. The core technology to improve robotic object manipulation was presented during the IROS 2019 conference in Macau as well as in CSEM Scientific and Technical Report 2019.

Robots have been working in industrial production for decades, however they have been doing this in an isolated environment i.e., with no humans around. In recent years, the field of collaborative robotics has gained a lot of attention and robots started working alongside their human co-workers. This change demands the robots to be aware of their surroundings in a much more comprehensive way.

The Swiss SME F&P Robotics AG has been aware of this challenge in their customers’ industry and is producing service robots and technology assisting, helping and facilitating activities from people’s daily lives. Through the integration of flexible pressure sensors into the robotic fingers, F&P Robotics AG strives to improve its products further.

The novel technology will allow F&P Robotics AG to become a game changer in this industry by providing robots equipped with cost- effective and large area printed pressure sensors which add sensing functionalities, manipulating and correction capabilities. As well as open new market opportunities for the P-Rob 3 – collaborative robot from F&P Robotics, especially in the human environment and food handling segments.

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Printed Pressure Sensors: Industrial Case Studies
Pressure sensors for robotic grippers (F&P Robotics case)

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