Robots for Quarantine

Robots can support people in isolation, as a demonstration at F&P Robotics is supposed to prove. Robot Lio drives to a patient’s bed, gives a friendly greeting, and hands woman water and medication.

Robots for Quarantine

F&P Robotics co-owner Michael Früh sees the time for his company now in the Corona crisis: especially for people who are in quarantine.
«Lio helps to prevent contact between the specialist and an infected person. That is one of the strengths of robots, ”says Früh. Currently, developers are also working on a solution with which Lio disinfects door handles and light switches using UVC light.
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Acceptance by the Elderly

F&P Robotics robots are located in six Swiss and German rehabilitation facilities, where they mainly perform transportation and assistance tasks.

“Assistant robot Lio is not a machine, he is a character,” says the robotics scientist Früh. Attempts have been made to develop and design it in such a way that it has a friendly personality. “The acceptance is very high among elderly people,” says Früh.

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Text: Harry Stitzel