Robots Take Care of Elderly People – Report by German Ethics Council

The German Ethics Council sees great potential for assistant robots in healthcare and elderly care industries. Assistant robots can be particularly useful as support for staff in medical facilities.

Professional personal Robot, such as Lio, can assist medical staff in their repetitive daily tasks such as delivery of various items, water distribution and reminders about the upcoming events. Assistant care robots can also support patients and elderly residents as social companions by providing numerous entertainment functions, such as singing, dancing and telling jokes. Assistant care robots are not designed to replace humans, but rather assist them in repetitive tasks. As a result healthcare professional have more free time for social communications and interactions with the patients.


The German Caritas Association also demands that specific criteria for the use of robots would be developed. F&P Robotics already works with Caritas Konstanz and does important pioneering work.


Robot Lio handles the water to an elderly woman