F&P Robotics China Website Officially Released!

The website of our subsidiary “F&P Robotics China Co., Ltd.” based in Shanghai is officially released! We are delighted to present you our brand new F&P Robotics China website.

The new website consists of a start page, “Products”, “Solutions”, “Applications”, “About us” and “Contact us” divided in six sections, in which chinese speaking people can fully understand us. By clicking the homepage our five core robot products come out, the essential refinement of the display form to help understanding the P-Rob, Barney, Lio, Guido and Massimo robots used in different industries. The layout of the website is simple and intuitive, and the iconic gray and blue color scheme gives a comfortable and technological sensory experience. The visual design is simple and flat, and the navigation bar’s simple and practical vector graphics make the reading experience smoother. Noteworthy is the easy access to first-hand practical information, as we have attached a button for downloading data to almost each product. This includes receving company, product brochures and accessory technical parameters by clicking the download button. The launch of the new official website is a starting point for us to continously optimize the official homepage and provide more valuable information as well as better service experience for our customers and partners.

Visit the webpage