F&P at Radio 24

Radio 24 recorded a radio series entitled “Tabuthema Alter”. In the radio series they regularly broadcast documentaries on the subject of “Age”. In this context, Radio 24 was also interested in care robots and asked F&P for an interview. Listen to the radio documentation using the link below. Ralph Steiner visited us in our office in Glattbrugg and talked to us about our care robots. In the first part, Hans R. Früh, founder and managing director of F&P Robotics, introduces the care robot Lio and explains how Lio can be used and is already being used in a nursing home. Lio can relieve the nursing staff of simple, repetitive tasks so that they have more time for the social components in their daily work. In a second part, Michael Früh, CFO, reports on our previous experience in pilot projects and our opportunities in the market for care robots. In a final part, Dominik Keusch, head of the Artificial Intelligence department, talks about technical possibilities and limitations.

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