Automatica 2018

On our booth we presented P-Robs newest applications in the food industry as reliable and intrinsically-safe assistant. We showed how easy P-Rob can be equipped with third-party grippers, can collaborate with external devices and can work without any safety guards. One P-Rob demonstrated the picking of sweets from an assembly line and placed them in a given pattern. Another one arranged different food products in a shelf and could hand over the desired products.

Our presence at the Automatica 2018 was a full success! Not only did we have our F&P Robotics booth for industrial applications, we also presented our solutions in the Service Robotics Demo Park. This allowed us to show the wide range of applications our products can be used for.

The Service Robotics Demo Park was a shared area where leading companies could present their newest solutions from the field of service robotics. We are proud to be considered as one of these companies. We presented our service robot Lio who attracted a lot of attention. The human-friendly robot on the mobile platform is fully designed to support people. Our target field is the healthcare sector since there are many time-consuming, repetitive tasks to be performed, which take up much of the caregivers day. Personal robots can take over a part of this workload. They enable a more efficient organization and work distribution. They can also offer additional services for which the staff simply has no time, such as reading the news, simple entertainment or playing games. At the exhibition, we wanted to show the visitors how Lio can be used in hospitals or elderly care homes. Lio told people what the weather was like when asked. Lio also handed out treats, as a substitute to food and medication. To securely hand over the medication, the receiving person was identified by a identification card and  facial recognition. Lio also can dance, play and small talk. The robot registers data from the environment and from wearables, to keep track of the health state of the cared for person. His skeleton estimation system allows him to estimate the posture of the people standing in front of him. He animated the visitors to do some fitness exercises and monitored whether they executed the exercise well. As not all habitants of a care home are able to perform fitness exercises, an additional P-Rob was used to guide visitors in their movements. Visitors could hold the robots handle bars and follow the movements of the robot in a guided mobilization. The guided mobilization shall enable elderly people to remain flexible and strong and thus healthy and autonomous.