Painting of Ils van Looveren about F&P: Three phases until product creation

Gemälde Ills

The Belgian artist Ils van Looveren created a painting that illustrates the history of F&P Robotics. The painting is composed in three different layers. Each layer features a development phase of the company. The lowest layer of the painting shows the lettering F&P. This stands for the origins of the company (Früh & Partner, Spinoff of the University of Zurich, AI lab, 1996). The second layer shows the company logo of F&P Robotics founded in 2014. The upper layer of the painting illustrates the products of F&P and places special emphasis on the safe human-robot-collaboration. There exists a causal link between the upper and the lowest layer in the sense that P-Rob rises from the F and the human hands rise from the P, standing for Partner.

The painting reflects the unique style of the Belgian artist living in Basel Switzerland. The painting looks like it was painted on an old wall with flaking paint that might have been demolished. This comprises information about past times and symbolizes that something valuable can arise out of something dirty and account for the singular beauty of the picture. The bleak and peeled off background shows off the logo and the lettering to its best and makes it more vivid. One more thing that is very typical of the style of van Looveren is the integration of letterings and the multi-layer layout of the painting. The layers blend into each other reflecting that everything is interrelated and that there are no distinct boundaries.

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