Gateone Project

Together with the research organization CSEM, F&P conducted a gateone-project integrating flexible pressure sensors into the skin of P-Rob.

Gateone-project is an innovation action supported by Horizon 2020 which is designed to accelerate and support the adoption of smart technologies by SMEs, managing the innovation risk.

Since P-Rob is working alongside his human coworkers, the robot needs to be aware of its surroundings in a much more comprehensive way. Through integrating flexible pressure sensors into its soft skin, the sensitiveness of P-Rob is improved.

With the printed electronics platform developed by the research organization CSEM, F&P Robotics could implement an innovative hybrid integration approach for an artificial haptic experience based on a human-robot-interface. This allows a customized and cost effective solution combining printed pressure sensors and the robot hardware/software with a high integration factor.
Thanks to the gateone-project, printed pressure sensors on flexible/stretchable foil were placed under the skin of P-Rob enabling the robot to “feel the environment” and to interact with humans once touched. The security feature, i.e. emergency function, was implemented whereas teaching/learning features are also enabled.
This new domain of application has allowed an increase of maturity level of the technology from laboratory scale (TRL 4) to an industrial prototype scale (TRL 6).

The public Franco-German TV network ARTE produced and released a movie about the project.
The gateone-project equipped P-Rob with cost-effective and large area printed pressure sensors which add sensing functionalities, manipulating and correction capabilities. This opens new market opportunities for P-Rob.

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