Service Robotics


Personal Service Robotics

Personal Service Robots work in an autonomous way to develop useful services, oriented to the well-being of humans. P-Rob is designed to serve humans. Its sensitive soft cover not only protects but also increases the positive relation between humans and robots. The ability to cope with different situations and to learn enable the flexible and convenient performance use of the P-Rob in human environments.




The characteristics of the P-Rob make him an ideal servant of humans. Its personal appearance and interactive functions immediately break the ice in catering, health care and restaurant settings. P-Rob does not make any compromises on safety, guaranteeing harm free interactions with young, mature and vulnerable people.



P-Rob is able to provide guidance, support and other help in all live situations. At events, public places, on mobile platforms or what ever configuration. The important aspect is personal communication and situatedness. These functions take advantages of sensorics, vision and the context awareness of the robot.


Home Assistant

As a home assistant, P-Rob assists humans in daily living. Especially accommodations for elderly or disabled people and intelligent homes can benefit from advanced robotics systems. Combined with mobile platforms, P-Rob is able to perform everyday tasks like door opening, item lifting and good transportations.